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Bighorn River in Wyoming: A Lesson Learned Thru Guiding

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Kenny Jackson on the Yellowstone

Wide Receiver Kenny Jackson ropes the fish of the month!

I sent out an email to one of my favorite clients after getting off the phone with my Grandfather Dutch who has lost his balance/equilibrium and can no longer hunt or fish which were and still are his favorite things to do in the world. This is the email I sent out that he told me I had to share on the Blog so I will.. Please read it in its entirety…..
I had the opportunity to bring out Kenny Jackson a former Wide Receiver who played for the Eagles and Penn State during college. It was in the middle of the mid summer grind which is a very busy time but the fishing can be slow especially with new anglers. This is the only time of the year when guides find themselves short, grumpy and burned out….
I want to share a photo and a story about the day. Kenny somehow ended up in my boat as a fluke from some random outfitter. They had fished for 2 days before and caught almost no fish with the other guide and Kenny got dumped out of the boat in a rapids section of the Yellowstone.
Long story short, fishing had been slow all week and that day was no different. I worked my nuts off to get maybe a 16 strikes all day long. By lunch we had put 8 whitefish and 3 smaller trout in the net. We might have lost 2 bigger fish but we never saw them so we will never know. I am thinking FUCK! FUCK FUCK! as I am used to guiding veteran fishermen who expect to catch 40 fish mid summer and I want to deliver for one of the coolest and most appreciative anglers I have ever worked with.
Im stressing inside but….
The entire time Kenny is enjoying ever second and aspect of the float trip from the water, mountains, trees, rocks, birds, clouds, being on a boat without a loud engine, all the things that we as guides and veteran fisherman take for granted. The most amazing part about his attitude and perspective was how little catching fish mattered. He was fishing hard, casting better and better, putting the fly where I asked him to etc. He kept after it and kept relating it to golf when you hit one good drive and thats what brings you back. He loved the challenge more than anything… HE WAS AN ETERNAL OPTIMIST.
We get to the last fishy stretch of the float about 1500 feet from the boat ramp…. mind you I extended the float mid-float with my shuttle because fishing was so slow and I wanted him to catch a good trout…. we floated 12 miles instead of the normal 7.5 to 8. We are in a section with good shelves and Im thinking it will happen here, in fact I knew it was going to. Right in front of two random boats Kenny hooks up with this rainbow that goes ballistic. He fights it like a champ and puts the fish in the net. Our boat goes ballistic as do the other two boats who clearly were having slow days as well.
Moral of the story. Slow down and appreciate the simple things in life that we often overlook and take for granted. This one day changed my attitude towards guiding and why we are so lucky as fly-fishermen.
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River Cocktails…..

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Only way to cure a hangover...Clients certainly know how to enjoy themselves even if it entails starting at 9:30 in the AM…. you know who you are! Holiday season is upon us. Just please remember to not drink and drive during this time of the year. We want to see you all back in our boats this spring and summer!

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jetboat trips for the spring

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

Capt. Charles is wrapping up his 30 day fishing and surfing adventure in Panama. The 2012 season was amazing in both Montana and Wyoming. The Bighorn River produced some great fish and amazing days for our anglers. We are looking forward to the upcoming 2013 season with great anticipation. Spring is right around the corner for us here in Thermopolis, Wyoming. We usually get cranking around the last week of feb or beginning of March if the weather permits. This early fishing is some of the best we have. Steve Beaz is ready and pumped for another season as well. Remember we offer Jetboat trips in both Montana and Wyoming which is truly a fun and enjoyable way to fish our fisheries. Let us know about your 2013 trip!


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big browns, bigger water

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

laramie with a big streamer brown

another big streamer eater

The Wind River is currently flowing high at 5200 cfs. Nymphing has become difficult but streamers with enough work and dedication have been producing big time for us. We usually catch some of our biggest browns this time of the year. High water pushes the big fish to the bank and we saw enough big chasers and had enough hooks ups to confirm it. Wedding of the Waters has mud coming in at Buffalo Creek but it remains fish-able. Our recommendation is to float from WOW to the Hot Springs State Park. Give us a call we have openings until the 16th of June! 307.438.0740

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an update at last

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy in both Montana and Wyoming guiding. Flows are up on the Wind River and the streamer fishing is rapidly improving. Nymph fishing at the wedding of the waters has been solid. The key is long leaders and generous amounts of weight. The short least has been the ticket in the afternoon. Baetis, scuds, and more baetis have been the key to success. Firebeads have been hot as well. Thanks to Headhunters Fly Shop on that tip. Do not forget our May and June Jetboat Special that we are running below Boysen Dam on the Wind River. Big browns, bows and cutts all on big streamers. Give us a call at 307.438. o740

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


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weed city, wyoming

Monday, August 16th, 2010

richard’s big wind river rainbow

got out yesterday with richard and steve b of 4 rivers guide service based out of riverton, wyo and ran the jet for the day. threw streamers and nymphs in the am and we were rewarded. we struggled landing most of the big fish due to the weeds. we tried to fish the hopper with a small trailer and got zero interest for 3 drifts. we went back to chasing the bobber until it got too hot.  weeds got worse in the afternoon. saw the wrwc boys hooked up below the dam for most of the am. we didn’t get down into the  canyon, but fishing reports have been hot! streamers in the am and terrestrials after 11. going out again tomorrow below the dam for a trip and will report back…..

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WRC hat-trick

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

got all three in 2 hours…. lost numerous others. fishing is excellent in the state park, canyon and wedding of the waters. come join the fun. exhausted from the long day. more tomorrow book you hopper trip before it ends. 307. 438. 0740

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rolling clouds and wind

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

24 inch wyoming brown from today. blackberry photo

got out today to fish for myself. woke up and  it was windy. go figure. fishing was slow in the am until the clouds rolled in and the grey drakes started to pop. pmd’s were also present. i hunted heads for the morning and managed to get into some decent fish. when the clouds broke around 11 the fish were keyed into golden stones and hoppers. i got most of my fish on the hopper with a few coming on the chubby. lost the big fish today after an amazing fight. i just couldn’t get  hopper season is here. give us a call for your trip 307.438.0740.

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trip with larry m

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

i got some photos from client larry m. today. figured i would share….

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