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Thermopolis Fly Fishing Guide Service: COLD TROUT IN CT

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

cold, cold cold

cold day chasing wild browns in CT

I had the pleasure of giving a speech at the Trout Unlimited Mianus Chapter last night and I wanted to thank the members and all those involved. It was a great event full of fly-tying and fish tales. It’s amazing how many fly fishermen regardless of the geographic location LOVE this sport. At times I think we really get spoiled living and working out west where the fish are big and wild. We truly are spoiled and remember there are lots of people who would kill to be in our shoes just for a day! Life is good! Give us a call about our spring special. 307.438.0740

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Bighorn River in Wyoming: A Lesson Learned Thru Guiding

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Kenny Jackson on the Yellowstone

Wide Receiver Kenny Jackson ropes the fish of the month!

I sent out an email to one of my favorite clients after getting off the phone with my Grandfather Dutch who has lost his balance/equilibrium and can no longer hunt or fish which were and still are his favorite things to do in the world. This is the email I sent out that he told me I had to share on the Blog so I will.. Please read it in its entirety…..
I had the opportunity to bring out Kenny Jackson a former Wide Receiver who played for the Eagles and Penn State during college. It was in the middle of the mid summer grind which is a very busy time but the fishing can be slow especially with new anglers. This is the only time of the year when guides find themselves short, grumpy and burned out….
I want to share a photo and a story about the day. Kenny somehow ended up in my boat as a fluke from some random outfitter. They had fished for 2 days before and caught almost no fish with the other guide and Kenny got dumped out of the boat in a rapids section of the Yellowstone.
Long story short, fishing had been slow all week and that day was no different. I worked my nuts off to get maybe a 16 strikes all day long. By lunch we had put 8 whitefish and 3 smaller trout in the net. We might have lost 2 bigger fish but we never saw them so we will never know. I am thinking FUCK! FUCK FUCK! as I am used to guiding veteran fishermen who expect to catch 40 fish mid summer and I want to deliver for one of the coolest and most appreciative anglers I have ever worked with.
Im stressing inside but….
The entire time Kenny is enjoying ever second and aspect of the float trip from the water, mountains, trees, rocks, birds, clouds, being on a boat without a loud engine, all the things that we as guides and veteran fisherman take for granted. The most amazing part about his attitude and perspective was how little catching fish mattered. He was fishing hard, casting better and better, putting the fly where I asked him to etc. He kept after it and kept relating it to golf when you hit one good drive and thats what brings you back. He loved the challenge more than anything… HE WAS AN ETERNAL OPTIMIST.
We get to the last fishy stretch of the float about 1500 feet from the boat ramp…. mind you I extended the float mid-float with my shuttle because fishing was so slow and I wanted him to catch a good trout…. we floated 12 miles instead of the normal 7.5 to 8. We are in a section with good shelves and Im thinking it will happen here, in fact I knew it was going to. Right in front of two random boats Kenny hooks up with this rainbow that goes ballistic. He fights it like a champ and puts the fish in the net. Our boat goes ballistic as do the other two boats who clearly were having slow days as well.
Moral of the story. Slow down and appreciate the simple things in life that we often overlook and take for granted. This one day changed my attitude towards guiding and why we are so lucky as fly-fishermen.
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thermopolis wyoming spring fly fishing report

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

another one into the net

Fishing has been solid on the Bighorn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Baetis are now present on the Bighorn and will remain a key player in terms of insects for the next month. We have been getting them on all techniques, pick your weapon. Nymphing, Streamers and Drys have all been producing. We just had our Spring Flush of 2012 and the rainbows will benefit. Please avoid the rainbows in the shallows! Give us a call for a day on the Bighorn River. 307.438.0740

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wedding of the waters and tying flies!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

winter flies

Weather has warmed up here in Central Wyoming. Calling for a high of 41 today in Thermopolis. All week looks perfect for fishing on the Wedding of the Waters! Get out after them. We certainly will be out. Standard tailwater bugs under the bobber will produce. Keep an eye out for risers and have midges and baetis on hand. Get out and enjoy this warm spell!

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spring flush 2011

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

big wyoming cuttbow

Another great week of guiding and fishing on the Wedding of the Waters in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  This past week the Bureau of Rec bumped the flows from 800 cfs to 1260 cfs and then finally up to 5,000 cfs on the 5th to flush the river system. Fishing was lights out at 800 cfs with fish keying into midges and baetis primarily.

We wanted to see how the flush affected the fishing yesterday so guide Steve B. and I did float from the Wedding of the Waters to 8th Street Bridge. Fishing was once again solid. Fish were in SOFT water and eating heavily. We did well on bloodworms, scuds, eggs, beatis, and midges. Lots of big fresh rainbows were out to play and take advantage of the large amounts of food coming down the river. Fishing will only improve as the river settles. Flows should remain at 1260 cfs for the month.  Keep an eye out for rising fish as the BWO start popping more intensely everyday. Don’t forget out $350 Wedding of the Waters driftboat trips! Give us a call!

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wedding of the waters fishing guides

Monday, March 14th, 2011

horses on the ranch

fishing reports from the weekend were varied. from our guides we keep hearing midges, worms, and eggs are producing. baetis are showing up slowly and they were producing. the key to this river is changing your pattern often until you find what works. it can vary day to day fly to fly. stay smart. they are just trout! give us a call about our $350 spring special for driftboat trips on the wedding of the waters.

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wedding of the waters fishing report

Monday, March 7th, 2011

guide steve b. with a rainbow starting to show color


State Park water temps 44 degrees. Lots of fisherman on the spawners which are just starting. cool weather slowed them down a little. First thing i step out of the truck, look over the bank and watch two idiots wade back and forth through one of the best REDDS in the area. I had to get back in my truck and leave. Went above the tresse…l and I had good success with some browns in the deep holes dead drifting streamers. Water temp below the Wedding about 39 degrees. Fish were hungry and have moved a little shallower. Most we found were 4-5 foot deep. Starting to look at eggs, worms and scuds working but the best all day long was black midge pupae. Several nice cutts and browns along with the rainbow. 7 boats on the river. Amazingly, 4 of them were not catching fish. Fish were stacked allowing us to get multiple hookups on most every run. We had several doubles and that’s with me rowing the boat!!

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wedding of the waters brown trout

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

cliff steve b.’s son with a nice brown from yesterday

boat ramp cutt

steve beaz got out yesterday with his son and reported outstanding fishing all day. two other boats on the water and he was hooked up all day. another beautiful day in paradise.

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warm weather equals good fishing

Monday, February 14th, 2011

boat ramp rainbow

steve b. got out yesterday and floated the wedding of the waters. fishing was steady and the nymph bite was on. weather was ideal and the fish were willing. fishing is only going to improve this month…. get after them. midges and sow-bugs were the steve’s producers. look for that soft winter water and you will be locked all day. remember where there is one fish….there will be many more especially this time of the world.

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