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Bighorn River in Thermopolis, Wyoming Fishing Report

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Another Bighorn River Brown Trout falls to the purple chubby!

We are getting lots of complaints about moss on the river. We agree it is a pain. You will have to clean your fly every drift even when fishing big dries. Nymphing is out of the question, as is streamer fishing. The Trico hatch remains consistent and fish are keyed in on them! If you are willing to deal with the moss and floating salad it can be rewarding.  When fishing blind fishing terrestrials change up your pattern until you get on that works. The bigger and bulkier the better at least for us. Give us a call! 307.438.0740.

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grasshoppers and thunderstorms

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

nice wyoming brown on a dry
pink blt hopper does it aqain
biggest fish of the day…over 24″

satellite internet is a joke. i don’t recommend it. looks like I can only upload 2 photos from today. great. had an outstanding day on hoppers regardless of changing weather conditions. the key was to cover water and fish water that other do not normally reach. It was definitely a big fish day. i broke off 2 pigs and had 2 other fish straighten out my hooks. BIG FISH. I couldn’t believe I didn’t hook one of the two. lessons learned every day on the water….even on a guides day off.

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