we back fishes

got the logo done. such a pain on deciding these things. big ups to alex burke. check him out at : http://al-burke.com/
now that this is out of the way the site will now be able to be finished. keep an eye out for it at: http://www.307outfitters.com
CT has been fun but I am ready to leave. Ill be on the missouri on friday with the boys. cannot wait.

just happen to find a picture from the maiden voyage of the jetboat from last summer on the lower yellowstone. it was a fun 2 day float. hopper fishing was on, but my girlfriend wanted to chuck yozuri minnows. we did just that and cleaned up shop.

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5 Responses to “we back fishes”

  1. Colorado Angler says:

    Dig that logo – it's clean and the contrast makes it pop!

  2. Charles R. Craumer says:

    thanks man. such hard decisions when it comes to something you put on your truck boats, etc. i dig it as well

  3. Bigerrfish says:

    bet your glad to get that out of the way…Good luck on the Mo glo roe

  4. Charles R. Craumer says:

    very glad to be done. when will you be up in montana?

  5. Bigerrfish says:

    Travel day On the first of April quite the haul from here 850 miles to Bozeman.. solo too.. Send me a sticker with your logo and I'll sport it on my pickup for the trip through Utah Idaho Montana…? ..Hoping to camp at craig the 2nd. I be giving you a call for sure.

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