1,470 cfs summer time flows are here

flows should remain right around these flows as the irrigation allotment  is 1500 cfs for Montana. weeds are increasing in both the canyon and the state park. the wedding of the waters is mossed out. nymphing and streamers are a bust down there, with dries being the ticket if fishing in the am and headhunting. the canyon is going off right now. big streamers and dries along the edges seem to produce. if you move a fish, cast back to the same area a few times then change your streamer and you should be able to get that fish. the state park is on fire as well. nymphing seems to be the ticket up here with some dry fly fishing as well. tricos in the am.

I hear a lot of cicadas in the trees……the fish love them too. frontier days for the weekend. 307 out.

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