307 outfitters

i’m driving down to utah and can still blog. way too connected for my own good. a mifi and macbook pro go a long way. ill be in park city utah for the week not fishing. should be a good time. fishing this past week was lights out. the LOG will be a rodeo when i get back. i had a buddy fish there yesterday and said there were 10 plus boats. many of which were rogue guiding. you boys know who you are. its pretty hard to play off fishing with 2 50 year olds when you in your 20′s. “i swear they are my friends….” oh well to each their own. i won’t be updating the blog this week. the website should be launched by the end of the week, and i will be transferring from blogger to wordpress.. until then.. be a fisherman not a wisherman!


this is my boy pimperatze. lighting fish up. trying to convince him to come out west and rip some lips with 307 outfitters

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2 Responses to “307 outfitters”

  1. Bigerrfish says:

    Good luck with your travels… Nice haaaaat.

  2. Colorado Angler says:

    Ah, Utah…my home! Sorry to hear you're going to be sooooo close to the Provo (Blue Medal water, my friend!) and unable to fish…ouch.

    Safe travels…

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