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post weekend update

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

just got back from spending a few days at the ranch. i fished friday afternoon and saturday with a few buddies JP and TIM. fishing has been steady on big articulated streamers. the weather has been nasty lately but next week its calling for temps in the 70′s. flows are at 2,280 and perfect for fishing from the boat. come join the good streamer fishing. I have open dates until june then the fun begins.

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without a camera cord you can’t upload pictures

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

it has been nice to be back in montana. fished all day friday on the mo and had a great day with the boys. it had been way too long. lots of nice fish to hand and not many people about. i fished the fly rod most of the day, but picked up the new KINGPIN 378 and ripped some drifts. a great little reel thats for sure. great start up and it worked nicely. we even fished dry flies…. wait what. not me… high vis midge and headhunting worked great.

we then headed over to Norris Hot Springs to soak and swill and watch macgregor burns rip guitar. closed down norris then continued the after hour show late into the night. ill be heading out tomorrow to fish another section of the missouri. should be a fun day filled with egg sacs and bobbers. once i find a new cord or an old one that somehow walked away while i was back east ill put up the pics…they are pretty classic. until then hope everyone is busy fishing. enjoy

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big storm and crazy weathermen

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

big storm coming. i have to drive to long island on friday. looks like i might be taking the train….

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busy busy busy

Friday, February 19th, 2010

i have been swamped with work and this course I am taking in nyc. its been a long hectic week of commuting and studying. it has been interesting to say the least. i really wish I brought my camera with me. every night i take the shuttle from grand central to times square then walk 6 blocks west. the shit i have seen amazes me. good food and crazies. I have been lucky enough to convince stuart the owner of kingpin center pin reels and the new england rep danny to come pin fish with me this may. it will be a nice break from wyo and will bring me back to the MO. im looking forward to it. plus we get to fish a bunch of new prototypes and new troutpins. i cannot wait. this course ends sunday and i test monday. wish me luck i fucking need it.

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kingpin centerpin reels for trout

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

just got a new Regal 378 from KINGPIN CENTER PIN REELS. spins nicely and should have great startup. i am going to put line on it tomorrow and will fish it this weekend. i am also looking forward to upgrading my 5″ Okuma to a new 4.78″ Sovereign King Pin. Great reels from a great guy in England, Thanks Stuart.

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