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Wyoming Cutthroat Closeup

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Wyoming closeup

Look at you, Now look at us….

As an angler we tend to get caught up in catching more and more trout. It often blows me away as a guide how few anglers/guides even look at the fish that they have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours pursuing. After working hard for a fish, many people just dump the fish back wanting “another one” or “a bigger one.” I too am guilty of this. I try hard to make the clients look at the fish, pointing out the colors, spots, and fins. A few years ago, after working with a friend of mine who is a photographer I realized how complex a trout cheek can be.

Go ahead slow down and look at the next trouts cheek. Im sure you will be surprised at what you find!

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northern california steelheading

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

another one bites the dust!

Capt. C has been fishing the Northern California tributaries for steelhead and not looking back at the snow. Looks rough! Wyoming is in full winter mode  but if you can handle the cold floating the wedding of the waters can really produce this time of the year. We are offering our winter/spring driftboat special for $350! Give us a call about your next Wyoming fishing adventure! 307.438.0740 We also offer trips in Southwestern Montana. Check out our friends from up north.

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hopper fishing…. yes please!

Friday, September 9th, 2011

life is good in central wyoming. hoppers are here and fish are looking up. tricos are now present on the bighorn river and the fish are keyed in on them. give us a call for some of the best fishing in the state. 307.438.0740

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rolling clouds and wind

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

24 inch wyoming brown from today. blackberry photo

got out today to fish for myself. woke up and  it was windy. go figure. fishing was slow in the am until the clouds rolled in and the grey drakes started to pop. pmd’s were also present. i hunted heads for the morning and managed to get into some decent fish. when the clouds broke around 11 the fish were keyed into golden stones and hoppers. i got most of my fish on the hopper with a few coming on the chubby. lost the big fish today after an amazing fight. i just couldn’t get  hopper season is here. give us a call for your trip 307.438.0740.

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1,470 cfs summer time flows are here

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

flows should remain right around these flows as the irrigation allotment  is 1500 cfs for Montana. weeds are increasing in both the canyon and the state park. the wedding of the waters is mossed out. nymphing and streamers are a bust down there, with dries being the ticket if fishing in the am and headhunting. the canyon is going off right now. big streamers and dries along the edges seem to produce. if you move a fish, cast back to the same area a few times then change your streamer and you should be able to get that fish. the state park is on fire as well. nymphing seems to be the ticket up here with some dry fly fishing as well. tricos in the am.

I hear a lot of cicadas in the trees……the fish love them too. frontier days for the weekend. 307 out.

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central wyoming fly fishing

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

307 outfitters is pleased to announce that our lunches will now be provided by Lander’s famous Gannet Grill. we are really looking forward to teaming up with them and look forward to enjoying their great food stream-side. Lander, Wyoming is a great summer town with a lot of activities for all to enjoy. we have great rock-climbing, hiking, and did I mention the fishing. I am going to take the weekend off and fish for myself with a few buddys from Casper. we are going to get out on the jet and see how the wind is fishing. we haven’t been over below the dam in 2 weeks due to water conditions and calving on the ranch. should be a blast. more to come. be sure to book your end of july, august and september hopper trips.

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fishing is heating up in central wyoming….

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


another great day of fishing. life is good. i have been busy getting stickers and hats done for clients and friends. they look good. let me know if you’d like a hat or some stickers.

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blueberry dreams and worms…

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

tied up a bunch of wine worms, it feels as though it has been forever since I have tied flies. worms are great because there is little mess involved and there is no need to create a giant station. simple streamline and deadly. mucho gracias senor pedro.

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