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Bighorn River in Wyoming FIy Fishing

Monday, June 10th, 2013


Grasshopper and trico time is upon us on the Bighorn River in Wyoming. The biggest fish are up during the spinner fall! Looks for heads and stick with the dry and you will be rewarded!

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the perfect drift…..centerpin for trout

Monday, May 31st, 2010

fly and float fishing has been amazing….. give us a call to book your wyoming fishing adventure 307.438.0740

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good fishing, interesting weather

Monday, April 26th, 2010

here are a few photos from the week. it has been a great past few days. the weather has been uncooperative for the most part, but if you can handle the constant wind and weather this fishing is really solid. I have had the opportunity to fish for myself this past week and its been a lot of fun. lander is a great town, the people are friendly, the views are spectacular, and the fish willingly take a fly. I have met a lot of very receptive people so far and look forward to this upcoming summer.  one contact in particular, ron hansen, of Wind River Outdoors Company, just solved my biggest problem of living in lander, last minute fly fishing supplies that are close by. his shop is going to opened up by the end of May and if you are ever in the Lander area be sure to stop by and say hello. the wind is supposed to pick up tomorrow and ill be on the river. standard. this time I will bring a camera. I managed to stick a big hen a few nights ago. I taped her out at 26.5. life is good.

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WIND with more WIND…

Monday, April 5th, 2010

but we still cleaned up. converted yet another die hard fly fisherman to the darkside of the centerpin world. when fishing with two pins its incredible effective to anchor and fish 2 at a time. so we did just that after running drifts with the boat and fly rods. we found a corner out of the wind and worked our way down a run 2 times. it took the entire afternoon to do 2 laps on the run. it was wicked busy, but the fishing was solid and I was glad to be on the jetboat rather than the bank… 2 memorable parts of the day included… getting a bank fisherman’s nalgene water bottle that was floating down the river for him and then him asking us what the hell we were using and doing to catch so many fish. the other highlight of the day was watching pmo run 100 yard drifts and hit fish on them with the 12 foot 6 inch speypin… one to remember.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Stuart Ward of Kingpin Reels for hooking me up with a new Sovereign 478. such an amazing reel. it just keeps on spinning… looking forward to seeing the new IMPERIALS when they come out….

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come fish with us this summer!

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

spring is getting closer and closer. as is summer and hopper fishing. runoff and as it tapers off means streamer time on the wind. so come out and fish with us…. coming tomorrow on the blog the seasons of fishing in wyoming.

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so good i had to go back

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

wow is all i can say. 40 plus fish boated between myself and a buddy. it isn’t often when you don’t take photos of 18 to 22 inch fish. these two fish were the biggest landed today. last day for me to fish before i head down to park city, utah on business. what a great way to go out. glad i don’t have to partake in the rodeo anymore. after this next week it will be onto oregon then down to wyo. hope all is well with everyone else. we still have open dates for the summer so shoot me an email if you want to book a jetboat trip….

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without a camera cord you can’t upload pictures

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

it has been nice to be back in montana. fished all day friday on the mo and had a great day with the boys. it had been way too long. lots of nice fish to hand and not many people about. i fished the fly rod most of the day, but picked up the new KINGPIN 378 and ripped some drifts. a great little reel thats for sure. great start up and it worked nicely. we even fished dry flies…. wait what. not me… high vis midge and headhunting worked great.

we then headed over to Norris Hot Springs to soak and swill and watch macgregor burns rip guitar. closed down norris then continued the after hour show late into the night. ill be heading out tomorrow to fish another section of the missouri. should be a fun day filled with egg sacs and bobbers. once i find a new cord or an old one that somehow walked away while i was back east ill put up the pics…they are pretty classic. until then hope everyone is busy fishing. enjoy

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we back fishes

Monday, March 1st, 2010

got the logo done. such a pain on deciding these things. big ups to alex burke. check him out at :
now that this is out of the way the site will now be able to be finished. keep an eye out for it at:
CT has been fun but I am ready to leave. Ill be on the missouri on friday with the boys. cannot wait.

just happen to find a picture from the maiden voyage of the jetboat from last summer on the lower yellowstone. it was a fun 2 day float. hopper fishing was on, but my girlfriend wanted to chuck yozuri minnows. we did just that and cleaned up shop.

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big storm and crazy weathermen

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

big storm coming. i have to drive to long island on friday. looks like i might be taking the train….

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