fishing has been steady

Even with the raise in the flows. fished yesterday and did well. all sight fishing except for 2 fish. most of the fish i saw i caught with the pin. fish did not want to cooperate for photos and without a net I gave up after awhile. got one nice cutt that took the fly away from a big brown that i was fishing to. nice fish regardless…. back out tomorrow. ┬ámajority of the fish came on bwo nymphs.

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One Response to “fishing has been steady”

  1. Bigerrfish says:

    Yo! charles,,, You have been hookin up with some sweeties,,, sorry bout the one that didnt make it… thats the only thin I dont like bout streamers,,,,when they get hooked in the brain or deep in the mouth… Its good to see buisness is treating you fair….

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