WIND with more WIND…

but we still cleaned up. converted yet another die hard fly fisherman to the darkside of the centerpin world. when fishing with two pins its incredible effective to anchor and fish 2 at a time. so we did just that after running drifts with the boat and fly rods. we found a corner out of the wind and worked our way down a run 2 times. it took the entire afternoon to do 2 laps on the run. it was wicked busy, but the fishing was solid and I was glad to be on the jetboat rather than the bank… 2 memorable parts of the day included… getting a bank fisherman’s nalgene water bottle that was floating down the river for him and then him asking us what the hell we were using and doing to catch so many fish. the other highlight of the day was watching pmo run 100 yard drifts and hit fish on them with the 12 foot 6 inch speypin… one to remember.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Stuart Ward of Kingpin Reels for hooking me up with a new Sovereign 478. such an amazing reel. it just keeps on spinning… looking forward to seeing the new IMPERIALS when they come out….

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